Solar Applications

Anti-Reflective Coatings (ARC) for Solar Applications

Brisbane Materials Technology’s patented XeroCoat™ antireflection technology creates a porous film of graded refractive index silica from a liquid precursor at room temperature and pressure. The coating is chemically bonded to the glass surface for optimum durability and life, with more than 20 years equivalent field testing (2.5 years of testing in a high-suns high humidity thermal cycling accelerated environment).

BMT’s inorganic ARC has met all the requirements for a solar AR coating including those embedded in IEC61215. It can be tailored to the substrate, or modified to produce the desired spectral performance for any particular solar energy application. 

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Industry-leading solar customers have evaluated Brisbane Materials AR coatings and found them to be the highest performing and most cost effective solutions available today.

Brisbane Materials also possesses anti-soiling materials technology for super-hydrophilic, photo-catalytic coatings, alone or in combination with anti-reflective coatings. Our competitive advantage derives from our ability to produce the highest performing AR coating – >3% efficiency improvement as confirmed by leading solar module companies – at the lowest cost in the industry.

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