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Brisbane Materials is a specialty materials company focusing on creating innovative materials solutions in lighting, solar power and other applications.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, and Silicon Valley, we have patented technologies for creating high performance optical coatings made from liquid precursors. Our coatings including low-cost, wide-area anti-reflective coatings (ARCs), anti-tarnishing coatings, inorganic adhesive materials, and novel glass binders for phosphors and other powder.

Brisbane Materials is primarily focused on LED lighting applications, both LED luminaires and LED components. Our anti-reflective coatings can be applied to glass and plastic lenses and covers of LED luminaires to significantly improve both candela and lumen output. For LED components, our "AT" coating significantly reduces light loss due to silver tarnishing of the leadframe. We also provide inorganic "GL" (adhesive) and "PH" (phosphor binder) materials which replace organic adhesives and binders and thereby improve the performance and lifetime of LED leadframe and CoB-type packages

Brisbane Materials' solutions are the highest performing and most cost effective materials available today for the lighting and solar markets.

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For lighting applications our ARCs provide an inexpensive, manufacture-ready, low cost process for coating one or both sides of a glass or plastic lens or cover. The ARC significantly improves both candela and lumen output providing a net reduction in costs per lumen.



Brisbane Materials brings new materials solutions to the LED component industry. XeroCoat® AT is a glass anti-tarnishing layer for leadframe and CoB packages; XeroCoat® GL is an inorganic adhesive for lenses, covers and ceramic phosphors; and XeroCoat® PH is an inorganic replacement for silicone-phosphor binders.

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For solar applications, our patented XeroCoat antireflection coating provides a cost-effective power increase when applied to solar panel covers for both PV and solar thermal systems.


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