LED Luminaire Applications


XeroCoat® ARC and GRI for LED Luminaires

Brisbane Materials patented XeroCoat® ARC is a low cost, high performance coating that reduces Fresnel reflections that arise due to the refractive index mismatch between the transmitting substrate and air. The ARC is a quarter wavelength porous silica layer applied by spray coating to both sides of a luminaire cover or lens. The GRI (graded refractive index) variant is thicker coating applied to textured/structured surfaces. It reduces high-angle scattering and significantly improves candela.

By reducing these reflective and scattering losses, the XeroCoat® ARC and GRI coatings provide a significant increase in light transmission, improving lumen and candela output and increasing luminaire efficiency. The coatings can be applied on glass and optical plastics such as polycarbonate, PMMA, and PET, and including hard-coated versions. When applied to plastic surfaces, the coatings also provide an anti-static layer that reduces lumen dirt depreciation (LDD) and therefore cleaning frequency. A specific benefit in streetlight applications is that covers with XeroCoat® ARC can be used without redesigning the lens optics.

XeroCoat® ARC and GRI coatings are extremely durable and therefore have a wide-range of applications in commercial, outdoor and directional lighting. The spray deposition process and room temperature curing allows the coating to be applied to a wide range of optical components and materials including most types of LED lenses and luminaire covers.

Brisbane Materials works with equipment partners to provide customers with a complete manufacturing solution for their coatings. A typical equipment set comprises a flexible, high through-put spray coater, and a room temperature curing system sized to meet the customer’s technical and commercial requirements.






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